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Confessions of an ex-Bank Teller

Amber Rose pic credit You don’t understand how bad working as a teller is, until you are a teller. I had my parents, friends, and significant other tell me, “No, it’s not that… Continue reading

Bad Experience at Sephora + Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation & Gel Eyeliner Review

SHU UEMURA LIGHTBULB FOUNDATION AND SPONGE SET: PRICE: $ 66.00 RATING: ★☆☆☆☆ Ok. I had so much hope for this product. Since I’m Asian with yellow undertones, I thought maybe a Japanese make-up brand… Continue reading


I don’t make a livable wage from blogging. In fact, I barely make pocket money from blogging. Maybe it’s because I’m would hate to do affiliate linking or advertorials and write about something that I… Continue reading

Hate To Break It To You, But There’s No Way You Could Look Beautiful to Everyone

We’ve all heard it this: “She’s such a cake face” “Yeah she might look good now but I bet she looks ugly without make-up” “I think girls that wear so much make-up look… Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Finding Love in Our Consumerist Generation is Difficult

If you’ve been single recently, you’d know how tough it is to find that someone. I’m not talking about finding someone that to sleep with, I’m talking about finding someone to connect with. I’m… Continue reading

Thinking of a Professional Grad School Degree? Why I ditched it.

What I wish I had known In university, 9 out of 10 people you meet in university will tell you that they want to be some form of a professional – a doctor,… Continue reading

Why I didn’t buy the Classic Chanel 2.55 Flap

Money can’t buy happiness… but money definitely buys things that make you happy. The question was, the Chanel Classic Flap – or everything else? Chanel Classic Flap in medium is $5500 (the small is $5250 anyways),… Continue reading