Bad Experience at Sephora + Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation & Gel Eyeliner Review



PRICE: $ 66.00

RATING: ★☆☆☆☆

Ok. I had so much hope for this product. Since I’m Asian with yellow undertones, I thought maybe a Japanese make-up brand could suit me even better.

First off, if you want to buy this product, do not buy the make-up lightbulb sponge. It’s really not worth it. Just buy the foundation. The lightbulb sponge does a crappy job in application – it doesn’t blend and soaks up most of your product. I got a much better finish with my beauty blender. It is absolutely not worth it to buy the lightbulb sponge. Do not fall for the same thing I did, which was how the “Lightbulb sponge was specifically engineered for the Lightbulb foundation in mind”. No. Just no. They are just trying to upsell you. This is the most expensive and useless sponge I have ever purchased.

For the foundation – it’s absolutely unforgiving for people with less than perfect skin – aka 80% of the population. Even though my acne is nearly all gone now, I still manage to have the worse skin type: I have oily patchy skin in the summer.  I have dry flakey skin patches on areas of my face because of the weather change. I guess my skin over compensates for my dry skin (I really try to moisturize it, fyi) but what ends up happening is that I just have an oily dry-patchy skin texture. I didn’t really have a problem with other foundations, even the cheap drugstore Rimmel BB Cream, so I didn’t think that it would react so badly with the Lightbulb Foundation, especially for 66 dollars.

This product coagulates throughout the day, meaning that the foundation easily thickens together throughout the day. The result? The foundation coagulated into my dry patches and it created little foundation dots on my t-zone. This actually made my skin look worse than not having foundation on.


PRICE: $ 30.00

RATING: ★★★☆☆

I normally buy the Sephora brand liquid eyeliner and it had been my holy grail for all these years because it doesn’t budge, there’s a lot of product in one eyeliner, and it’s black. It’s very black. I am so peculiar with my eyeliner – it cannot be shiny either, it has to be matte black.




And this is matte black. The Shu Uemura painting pot eyeliner is matte black – which is GREAT. But not everything else. It goes on gray-black. If I just applied this eyeliner fresh, and proceeded to draw another line with my Sephora liquid eyeliner, you would clearly see that the color on the Shu Uemura one is gray. The application process is also such a hassle because you constantly have to be washing your angled eyeliner brush because it product dries hard onto your brush – so if you don’t want a painful application, you gotta wash it pretty much after every application.

This product smudges. Just so you know. I’ve got pretty oily lids – but the Sephora black liquid eyeliner (that is not waterproof) never smudges on me. My final verdict is that I’ll stick with the Sephora one next time, that’s half the price of the Shu Uemura one. I don’t even know why I even bothered.


Ok. I should never mess with a good system. I actually love my Urban Decay Naked Foundation (and use the Estee Lauder Double-Wear for concealer) but I just had to deviate from my normal routine – and now I’m full of regrets.

Originally I stepped into a Sephora to look for a foundation in the Bobbi Brown collection because everyone’s always raving about how the brand comes out with great shades for women of color – so as an asian girl, I’m intrigued. So I stood by the Bobbi Brown section and tried to flag someone down to match me to my shade or recommend a line for me.

Finally I manage to get the attention of a beauty advisor and she speaks into her headset to tell someone in ‘color’ to come over to the Bobby Brown isle. Ok, I’m a really patient person. Probably too forgiving sometimes since I always come up with hypothetical explanations on how certain people fail to deliver. So I waited, and waited, for a person in ‘color’ to help me, thinking that some beauty advisors must specialize in matching foundation colors, but I stood there for another 10 minutes waiting for someone to come by. I see that very same beauty advisor see that I’m still waiting, but she walks away quickly without doing anything about it.

I still wait though, because finally someone approaches me and ask if I’ve been helped. She doesn’t seem like the person I’m waiting for, so I explain that I’m just waiting to be color matched with a foundation.

NORMALLY, I get taken to the area with better lighting, but this rep takes two foundations from the Bobbi Brown collection, squeezes it onto her fingers and directly applies the foundation onto my face.


Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, but from my collective Youtube-watching experience, the untrained make-up artist in me thinks that she probably should have used a sanitized brush right? Aren’t make-up artists all about the flawless brush/sponge application?!

I forgive you, rep, I forgive you up to this point. Maybe it’s how some make-up artists function… maybe she wanted to warm up the foundation in her hands or something.

But I tell her, “I’m already wearing foundation all over my face actually… I’m actually looking to see if this foundation can help even out my uneven skintone and acne spots”.

To which, you don’t even have to be working in the make-up industry to understand what this means. This is logic. If you are already using an existing product to cover imperfections and you are questioning the capability of a new product of replacing the said existing product to cover these imperfections… then you should only use the new product.


Like, isn’t what we learned in the Grade 11 curriculum of Canadian high schools? You can only change one factor of the experiment to test out your hypothesis? Right?! It’s common sense, no!?

Well, this rep proceeds to use her fingers (again, dying inside) and slather on more Bobbi Brown foundation on top of my problem-areas part of my skin without removing my foundation – to which is the last straw to my horrible Sephora experience of waiting around for service, and not even receiving good service.

So I politely thank her for her time and tell her I’ll think about it, and I walked out of that Sephora, vowing never to visit that location again.

I proceed to make my way to the department store and buy from Shu Uemura… and still get disappointed. I guess I’ll just keeping buying the Urban Decay NAKED foundation and the Sephora eyeliner until they discontinue it.