I wish I was as pale as meme computer man.

Yeah. This guy:


I’m always looking to become paler. If you don’t know East Asian culture at all, let me tell you right here, the beauty standard is for pale, pale skin.


Case in point: the ‘Most Beautiful Woman in China’, Fan BingBing.

Now, if you’re one of the ignorant that believe that Asians who aim to have pale skin are trying to look Caucasian or white – let me give you the short explanation of that: no. Just no. You have no idea how many times that I’ve been accused of wanting to look like a ‘white person’ for wanting paler skin.



Next time if someone accuses you for wanting to look like a different race, before you slap them across the face, try to refrain for a moment and try to politely explain to them “No, I am actually not. It is actually part of my culture, way back since the fucking Qin dynasty where royalty were pale since they stayed inside and were considered to be beautiful, while farmers had to farm out into the sun. Before you impose your patronizing Western perception on my culture, I suggest you read Edward Said’s book on orientalism. Now sit down, and stop being ignorant”.

Don’t worry, you can copy and paste it if you need to.



Accusing someone to want to look like caucasian for wanting pale skin is like accusing someone to want to look like an Indian/Black person if they tanned. Accusing someone getting double eyelids to look more caucasian (because it is a more common caucasian trait) is no different than accusing someone for wanting to look a black person for getting lip injections since it’s a more common trait among black people.




Why aren’t we accusing Paris Hilton of trying to be an Indian woman?!

But I digress. There are still people who will always need to question my beauty standards and my culture because of an incessant egotistical desire to relate all things back to themselves – like the jealous insecure ex-boyfriend that insists that every post that their ex-girlfriend makes is directed towards him. It’s ok, it’s fine – you can’t change others.

ee6a7aec54e736d1858cc67599504fc2d4626990_zpsef318617Back to pale: now I’ve kept track over these few few months on which products have worked and which haven’t. After I created the ‘Chanel fund’ for myself to use on things that I normally wouldn’t buy, I started to buy a lot more skincare products to improve my skin condition.

I read a lot of beauty reviews on products online. Whenever I’m about to buy a product, I always Google it on my phone before I make a purchase – but these ‘reviews’ always had things that I already knew – the ‘properties/ingredients’ of it (aka the label), how to use (still on the label), and the consistency of the cream.

So, I’ll provide you the before/after pictures after I’ve completely/religiously used the product, because I mean, if it doesn’t work after you use it frequently, it’s probably not going to work if you use it inconsistently.




I picked this up at T&T, an Asian supermarket. I mean, it has Dr. in the name. How could I even resist? It must be legitimate.

After using this, you can feel your skin feel noticeably tighter – I noticed a reduction in pore size as well and even after two full days of not using this mask, my pores were still noticeably smaller than before.

One thing that was bad though, was that I would get ‘eraser bits’ if I tried to apply any make-up or moisturizer on top – which rules out using this mask in the morning or before a night out. I guessed the essence in the mask package has a chemical reaction to seemingly every skincare product I own.



I used it every other day for a month. My skin actually brightened a lot from it (before – left/ after – right) and you can see that my skin is a lot less texturized than before after using it – meaning the hydrating also worked.

PRICE: $10.50

RATING: ★★★★☆

I’ll definitely repurchase if it’s on sale but the eraser bits reaction with my skin products really bother me since I can’t use it in the morning before work, or afternoon before I go out. I’m usually so tired by the end of night that I wouldn’t usually apply a mask, so I’m going to look for something more hassle free.