How I improved my acne without using a single product (Before/After Pics)


I’ve always acne since I was young. As you can see on the left photo, you can see how the bumps were since they were accentuated by make-up at my sister’s wedding, and the right is my skin without make-up.

wpid-2015-04-05-13-45-38_deco IMG_5619
Such unflattering pictures, but who really takes selfies to accentuate their acne?!

I’ve always gotten the most unhelpful unsolicited advice from people for clearing my acne:

“You should wash your face more”
“You should wash your face less”
“You should wear less make-up”
“You should be more relaxed, the stress is getting to you”
“You should tan more, it’ll get dry out your acne”
“You should use colder/hotter water”



Somehow certain people with better skin who’ve hit the genetic jackpot think that they are entitled to give me skin advice.

It shifts the blame to you, and holds you responsible for the acne, instead of having you accept that it’s how your body was built – similar to how all the asian aunties and mothers tell their young asian daughters/nieces to lose weight.

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason why I get acne – maybe fluctuations in my diet, stress, new skin care products, or even sleeping late – I just have acne prone skin. It’s just the way my skin is. But before I realized that, I tried out a lot of acne advice recommended to me, thinking that it was something that I did wrong that caused this acne, but not only did that advice didn’t work, it actually made my skin worse.

Arounf half a year ago ago, I went began jogging every morning in hopes to get abs like a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Let's take a moment here to thank Candice Swanepoel

Let’s take a moment here to thank Candice Swanepoel

I’m fortunate enough to have a treadmill in front of my TV now, but before I did that, I brought an iPad to the gym so I could watch shows or dramas to distract me for 30-40 minutes while I jogged/ran (and yes I know I should probably lift some weights to look like Candice Swanepoel but, baby steps).

It was hard to begin to incorporate into my routine at first, since I liked to lounge and relax to watch drama, but once I got into this habit, I actually felt guilty and lazy when I sat for a full hour when I watched my shows.

I started noticing a difference in my skin before I noticed a difference in my body composition:


I still got acne (because that’s the way my skin is), but it went away so much faster. Picture on the left was approximately a week before my right picture.

So normally I would have get one to two pimples a week (and that’s an unchangeable factor), and they would take around two to three weeks to go away, and so I would simultaneously have around 3-6 zits on my face at one time because over the overlap. But since exercising helped me speed up my metabolism, it took only a week for my pimples to go away, so I only had around one or two spots on my face at one time.


Super close-up so you can see every little imperfection

So this is how my skin now without make-up (but I’m wearing some eyeliner and mascara) – it was one of those days where I felt comfortable enough with my skin to go out with only eye makeup on. The point is my skin so try to ignore how derpy I look.

Your homegirl opened a car door into her face

Your homegirl opened a car door into her face

So this is me now with foundation on. You might think that it’s my crappy ‘front’ camera that’s making my skin look better than it is, but my camera actually picked up on the long bump next to my eye where I hit myself when opened a car door into my face (yes fml). Compare the bumpiness of my skin here to the first picture of me at my sister’s wedding – the difference is huge.

after1My skin is not perfect – without make-up it’s still very red and blotchy because of the broken blood vessels/hyper pigmentation from acne, but my spots are fading faster and acne is going away faster because my metabolism has sped up from working out.

This has the single most effective (and healthy) way for improving my skin. It has other health perks too like getting your blood pumping, building a little bit of muscle mass, and helping burn some fat.


A lot smoother with make-up

If only I had realized this early on, I wouldn’t have followed such dumb advice and wouldn’t have done so much damage to my skin. I tanned my skin (thinking it would ‘dry out the zits) and damaged it with so much sun exposure. I used to use hotter water and such strong products on my skin to ‘kill’ the bacteria and open up my pores to ‘release the dirty things’ – this dried out my skin.

That’s why I’m always looking for products now to hydrate and whiten my skin. Drop a message if you have any good skin product suggestions!