Why I didn’t buy the Classic Chanel 2.55 Flap

Money can’t buy happiness… but money definitely buys things that make you happy.

The question was, the Chanel Classic Flap – or everything else?

Chanel Classic Flap in medium is $5500 (the small is $5250 anyways), plus Canadian tax of 12 percent.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that happiness/the Chanel Classic Flap will cost exactly $6270.

Kristen-Stewart-at-the-Chanel-Store-in-Paris-3 (1)

…That’s a lot of money.

I mean, it’s just a very carefully crafted leather piece to put your things in right?

But we’re not just talking about a piece of leather here, we are talking about Chanel. If we were in Mean Girls and successful independent young women were the Plastics, having a Chanel is like wearing pink on Wednesdays.

It seemed like every where I turn, on Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, there were all these successful woman toting luxury goods, which each of them had a Chanel purse. I can’t tell you how many unboxing and ‘What’s in my bag’ videos I’ve watched on Youtube.

Even Tumblr has started bombarding me with pictures of headless women (and seemingly successful and glamorous) with Chanel bags.

It's like I can't run from this world.

Et tu, Tumblr?!

I can’t run or hide.

So one day, with two credit cards in hand, I headed to Holt Renfrew, ready to put down six-thousand-two-hundred-and-seventy dollars to buy success and happiness.

Except the Apple store was inopportunely placed in front of the entrance of Holt Renfrew (ok maybe opportunely because usually wealthy people can afford electronics from Apple) but when I passed by, I thought “It would be so nice to replace my old computer. It’d make things so much faster and efficient. Too bad I can’t afford it.

d6fUh wait, yeah you can. You’re about to go drop 6k on a bag.

It was not until now I had a revelation. There were so many things that I needed. A new computer for work, a gym membership, French classes, and skin products for my skin. I needed to invest in myself before I invested in something outside of me.

So I began a ‘Sans Chanel Fund’. I’ve set aside that $6270 to spend on services or classes that I would normally think I ‘couldn’t afford’ to use to improve myself or couldn’t bring myself to spend money on, from classes to audiobooks to even a trip.

tumblr_nlzjndN4QF1tio9r5o1_500Life, sans Chanel.